Smashing Stereotypes Speedway Style!

Nineteen-year-old, Skye from Swadlincote in Derbyshire is currently completing the Poultec Speedway course, Level 2 Diploma in Speedway Business Skills.

Often the sport of Speedway is associated with being only males who ride, but Skye like many other females, really enjoys the sport and its nature. ‘Bikes have been a massive part of my life since I was born and I have done rather well in my career so far too!’ Skye says ‘It certainly is a little different, yet being different is good in my eyes. I use my experiences to encourage other women and girls to ride, as my journey is a good example that girls can do as good as men and boys’.

There are currently 7 students on the Poultec Speedway course and Skye is the only female within her cohort. ‘It doesn’t feel any different to being in a normal classroom situation, I still have my input just like the others, and I really enjoy being around my colleagues.’ Skye’s advice to any other females out there looking to join the Poultec Speedway course or becoming a Speedway rider is ‘Just go for it, take the plunge, as long as you enjoy what you do, don’t worry about the others.’

Skye has already achieved so much within her Speedway career, she has raced all over the UK and parts of Europe. She is a 2 x British Champion and is the only female British Champion in the UK and the youngest female in the Pro class throughout UK and Europe. She also held the flat track lap record for 4 years at Scunthorpe. When at Speedway competitions Skye is lucky ‘I just get on and ride!’ She has a mechanic and mentor at each race meeting, who she feeds back to after each ride. When she’s not riding, Skye trains 3 times a week with help from her personal trainer and maintains her bikes, as well as working on a farm in Staffordshire.

‘I have been surrounded by bikes and all other motor related things since I was born, my dad raced bikes. I didn’t really enjoy the Motocross scene. I saw many people have a go at Speedway and flat track, I followed the sport at a young age, so just found a practice track open to young people like myself and had a go at the age of 6. I carried on riding a bit of grass and Mx until I was about 12, then started to progress in flat track a lot more. I then decided to ride flat track instead of doing a mix of the other disciplines.’ Once Skye left school and heard there was a Speedway course at Poultec Training Ltd ‘I was very interested and wanted to be involved and learn straight away’ said Skye.

It’s important to smash stereotypes as it can encourage others to do the same. ‘It certainly boosts confidence and broadens people’s horizons, as others will use your journey as inspiration. It sets new limits too’ says Skye. Raising awareness against being bias is also important as some people are stuck in an old-fashioned mindset, suggesting women can’t do as much as men. Skye states that ‘People like myself are really enforcing the idea that this isn’t the case in the 21st century! I am proud of myself and my achievements as they reflect me as a person, and I will remember them for the rest of my life.’

We asked Skye what her overall thoughts were about International Women’s Day - celebrating women's achievement, raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

Always aim to exceed expectation, build your own path and embrace each step in life’

‘Skye is an excellent example of someone who is chasing their dreams and doing whatever they can to be successful. She has shown she is a tough girl and can hold her own in a largely male dominated sport. We are proud to have her on program at Poultec’ says Speedway tutor Olly Allen.