Poultec Study Programme student Bailey Gadsden, progressed onto an Apprenticeship

The former Poultec Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Fitness Study Programme student Bailey Gadsden completed in September 2023 and has since bagged himself a Personal Trainer Apprenticeship.


Bailey is no stranger to the gym, he has been a member for two years as well as attending for his Study Programme practical sessions. When the opportunity arose for Bailey to join the Gymtec Fitness team he said YES...immediately! ‘I’m so pleased that I’m now an employee and part of the Gymtec team. I get along so well with the staff and members, plus I love fitness so this is the perfect position for me.’ Bailey said.

Bailey is keen to continue learning more within the fitness industry and eager to gain real-life, on-the-job experience. Apprenticeships provide just this and Bailey is certainly experiencing a wide variety of tasks at Gymtec Fitness already. On an average week Bailey will oversee and help any members in the gym, plan, set up and lead classes, clean the facilities and its equipment, induct new members, answer telephone calls, take class bookings, communicate/build relationships with members, create tailored programmes, provide one-to-one sessions and help create social media content.

Since starting his Apprenticeship Bailey has taken on leading Legs, Bums and Tums, Bootcamp and Zumba classes weekly. Also, Baileys knowledge in creating programmes has increased and therefore he is now able to create tailored programmes for members to complete. A particular client of Bailey’s who has progressed so much since following his programme, has resulted in them achieving their fitness goal and seeing their body change quicker than expected. ‘This gave me a great sense of achievement and reassurance that I was delivering my job well.’ says Bailey.


When Bailey started fitness, he fell in love with seeing the progress he made leading a healthier lifestyle and he wants to help others accomplish the same. ‘I’m looking forward to encouraging and motivating new and existing members to start or progress on their fitness journey as the Gymtec team did to me. It’s an amazing feeling being backed by the people you’re trained by and I now want to be able to give this service to other members.’ says Bailey

 ‘I aspire to have my own gym eventually’ Bailey stated. He aims to complete his Level 3 Personal Training Apprenticeship, continue working for Gymtec Fitness gaining as much experience as possible before one day opening his own gym.

The Fitness Study Programme was a great step into the fitness industry for Bailey which has now led him to more fitness opportunities. ‘Poultec have really helped kick start my career goals. I would say to anyone who is interested in a fitness career to apply for a Poultec Study Programme or Apprenticeship. It’s the best choice I made and I am really happy with my decision.’ says Bailey.

‘Bailey was an outstanding student on our Fitness Study Programme and portrayed great potential for development, so it was only right we progressed him onto our Level 3 Apprenticeship! If he continues to produce high quality work and attitude he will make a great Personal Trainer.’ says Fitness tutor Georgia

‘Since starting his Apprenticeship with us, Bailey has impressed us all with his can-do attitude and willingness to learn, he is determined and driven to deliver the best service. He is always looking to go the extra mile and puts all of his knowledge gained through his Poultec Training qualifications to great use.’ said the Gymtec Fitness team