Norwich Master Butcher’s Association Meeting provides Innovative Ideas

Poultec Training hosted the 1st of this year’s Norwich and District Masters Butchers Association meetings at their Training Centre in Mattishall this week.  Around 40 butchers from across the region enjoyed an excellent demonstration of product development from Viv Harvey of Raps UK and Ian Lever, Steve Sefton and John Hollingworth from WR Wright and Son Ltd who also brought a vast array of butchery equipment and sundries for the group to see.

Group Chairman, Icarus Hines welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the importance of these types of events for the retail butchery industry as innovative ideas and presentation of products can really benefit the businesses.

During the presentation Mr Harvey shared a great variety of product ideas using oil-based marinades and also looked at complimentary products the butchers could offer such as breads and pasta dishes which would appeal to any non-meat eaters in the family but could also be side dishes for the meat the customer buys.

The group rounded off the evening by tasting some of the products produced on the evening as well as a wide range of examples of meats marinated by Raps at the event.

Norwich and District Masters Butchers Association has seen resurgence in numbers over the past twelve months and now run 4 events a year at South Green Park.  If any other butchers are interested in attending these events they can contact Icarus Hines at

Poultec Training have also seen an increase in the number of young people completing butchery apprenticeships with them and are encouraging local businesses to offer more apprenticeship positions for which Government grants are available. For more information please contact