Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:

To provide high quality, flexible learning opportunities across a diverse range of sectors that meets the needs of both employers and the wider community. Our Curriculum allows learners to flourish, to unlock their potential and achieve their career aspirations.

Our Values:

Learner focused – we work hard to empower our learners to develop skills and knowledge to prepare them for the wider world of work. We believe every learner should have the opportunity to succeed.

Quality – we strive to deliver strong, robust curriculums that engage learners and reflect current working practices. We continue to adapt our internal systems to promote high standards of teaching and learning throughout our provision.  

Partnerships – we have established key stakeholder relationships which enables us to tailor our offering to address local skills gaps and national priorities.

Flexibility – our agile, responsive approach allows us to engage with employers and learners to shape provision and react to their individual needs.

Resources – our continuous investment into our learning facilities, combined with highly experienced team, gives our learners an exceptional learning journey.