Heinz NVQ L2 Success

On Thursday 16th June, a group of 24 Heinz learners based at the firms Westwick site in Norfolk received their NVQ certificates. All 24 learners had achieved a full L2 qualification in Food and Drink Manufacture.

Poultec have enjoyed a successful working  partnership with Heinz  for  4 years delivering NVQ’s and apprenticeships. Heinz HR and Training Advisor Paul Garwood said recently at the Poultec Excellence Awards that the NVQ has “given the company a chance to give something back to the employees, allowed them to show the skills they have and get some credit for the hard work they do. It’s a nationally recognised qualification for food manufacturing and something all 24 candidates should be proud of”.

The NVQ was delivered over a 12 month period with learners being assessed  on-line carrying out a variety of tasks relating to the qualification units chosen to fit around their roles -  for example working with others, maintaining product quality, carrying out product changeovers and lifting and handling materials safely. The learners then had a series of questions to work through to show knowledge about his/her area, work place policies, procedures and collect supporting

The presentation included speeches from Heinz Factory Manager Simon Taylor, as well as Poultec Training Director Neale McArdle. Neale congratulated all learners and said that they had produced some excellent work.  He added that the standard of work from Heinz learners was particularly high and that the team at Poultec appreciated their positive attitude.

Also attending the presentation were Beverly Bowman (Poultec Food Manufacturing Assessor), Paul Garwood (Heinz HR and Training Advisor), Nicola Sharpe (Heinz HR Manager), Chris Smith (Heinz Production Manager), Shaun Smith (Heinz Team Manager) and Richard Jex (Heinz Cold Store Manager).