Apprenticeships lead Rosie to a promotion!

Rosie Stanford who works in a local doctor’s surgery is now completing her third Apprenticeship with us. Rosie successfully completed a Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship, a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship and is now undertaking the Level 3 Team Leader and Supervisor Apprenticeship. Not only has Rosie achieved these Apprenticeships she has also gained a promotion from a Data Administrator to a Clinical Systems Information Supervisor.  Rosie earnt this promotion in September 2021 less than two months after finishing her Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship which is an amazing achievement!  ‘I took on the role to gain more experience of people, workload and project management’ says Rosie.

Rewind to four years ago when Rosie had finished high school. She wasn’t sure what industry she wanted to go into, originally she was going to go to college to study animal management and zoology as she has a love for animals. But Rosie then decided she didn’t want to go to college as classroom-based learning wasn’t her preferred style of learning. At this point Rosie started looking down the Apprenticeship route instead and found one within a local GP surgery through Poultec Training and thought it would be an interesting opportunity.

Since obtaining her promotion Rosie said she has taken on different tasks and been given more responsibilities and challenges however she said ‘it has helped shape me, made me become more confident and made me more aware of my strengths’. Rosie’s job involves tasks such as coding letters, registering patients, deducting patients, summarising records. As well as auditing, reporting, training, and assisting staff members and having a general oversight of the teamwork load. ‘I work within an excellent organisation and have a lovely team. I find my work genuinely interesting and every day is different’ states Rosie.

Apprenticeships allow individuals to learn and gain valuable on the job experience whilst also achieving a nationally recognised qualification. ‘I’m so glad I went down the Apprenticeship route, it’s a great way to get hands on experience and doesn’t involve being in a classroom all the time. The qualifications have taught me a range of skills that I can apply to any industry or organisation, in the future’ says Rosie. Rosie says she is a strong believer in that everything happens for a reason. She said she fell into the medical industry and has been surprised (in a good way) at the outcome. Her career aspirations are to become a good manager and achieve her full potential. With the determination and willingness to learn that Rosie has shown since beginning her Apprenticeships she has a bright future to defiantly achieve this goal.

Rosie has worked incredibly hard to get to where she is in her career. When she took on the promotion of Clinical Systems Information Supervisor, she was only 19 but was ready to take on the challenge. She said she has learnt so much along the way, gained lots of confidence and been provided with a better understanding of people, all skills which she can hold with her for the rest of her career.

‘Very early on I recognised Rosie's potential to learn and excel, she is determined and driven both personally and professionally. The Apprenticeships have allowed Rosie to enter the workplace and develop her skills and knowledge whilst she earns money, making this an excellent way to learn.  As an employer the skills she has learned through these courses have been invaluable to our business.’ - Practice Manager, Kelly

If you feel the Apprenticeship route is for you, contact us to learn more, 01362 850983