Alex goes above and beyond and makes a difference to his work environment!

Alex is currently on a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration apprenticeship at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Alex’s tutor Charles encouraged Alex to use his initiative and take a proactive approach to his course. Alex took this onboard and back in May, to boost engagement and help improve staff retention, he started a 'Vendor of the Week' scheme. Each week different food vendors, such as Squilla & Squidge and Fitz Roys Mac + Cheese, make and sell a variety of hot lunches to staff. Alex negotiated that 10% of all sales be donated to NNUH Charities in order to support the Trust.

Alex saw how COVID-19 hit and the damage it did to morale and retention levels and wanted to help change this. “In times such as these keeping staff engaged and protecting those in minority groups is more important with each passing week” said Alex.

He was elected Co-Chair of the NNUH LGBT+ Staff Network and he was also chosen as Staff Engagement Lead for Cellular Pathology. Alex’s main concern is the welfare of staff and the protection of the Equality and Diversity, ideals that are being built to truly make NNUH 'Our Hospital for All'.

Tina added “There are some people that come to work to earn a payslip at the end of the month and then there are people like Alex who truly want to make work environments better for everyone and to remove injustice.”

‘The Apprenticeship scheme can take people on a bigger journey than they expected. Alex found his niche at the NNUH and, with the encouragement of great mentors in his department, his self-confidence flourished alongside. He found his own voice.  As well as the Vendor scheme, Alex participates in 2 different committees to promote welfare and employee rights at the NNUH and his enthusiasm and tenacity are exemplary’ says Alex’s tutor Charles.